Eunyoung Park
The collection of creativity connecting art and technology

As a multidisciplinary artist, designer, researcher, and educator, Park Eunyoung uses various media and works across boundaries and genres. In particular, she has been working on converging and connecting different fields, such as the combination of art and technology, and the encounter of crafts and advanced technology. Her project〈LINKKI 20〉 which will be presented at this exhibition, contains the philosophy and long experience of her works.

LINKKI is a motion design building block and a kinetic toy that provides users with an experience of play that closely combines art and technology. The LINNKI project, which has been operating through experimental workshops and exhibitions for six years since its first design, has also been recognized for its potential as a convergence education tool beyond art toys. 2021〈LINKKI 20〉 shows the preliminary steps of expanding LINKKI to a business model. Based on a more systematic LINKKI, Park seeks the popular expansion of play and learning that intuitively combines heterogeneous things.
〈LINKKI 20〉 portrays the artist's gaze on LINKKI and engages the audience by directing a finished product. In this way, LINKKI, which implies the possibility of production and distribution, maximizes the creative experience of playing, learning, and connecting, while creating a desire for the audience to share the experience. Through LINKKI, which links art and technology through play and crosses gaps in various fields through learning, the audience gets to experience the discovery of inherent connections that have an open ending.