Liquid City

Sang-woo Lim
The city as a liquid system, not a static object

Sangwoo Lim is a creator, active in various fields of architecture, design, product, space, public art, and cities. He studied architecture, but his interests are not limited to buildings themselves, as he speculates on how product, design, and city structures and operating systems are interlocked and how they affect people living within that system.

〈Liquid City〉is a suggestion on a city system connected with changeable mobility in car-centered cities. Existing cities are difficult to amend or change. In closely connected cities through existing roads and buildings, changes in mobility and scope of movement are limited. However, what if the city changes into a new, flowing system? The artist imagines flexible and changeable city blocks, where mobility and buildings are interlocked. Such cities move around by using the potential energy of the city’s height and use the elements of wind, water, and the sun as the system of the city and its architecture. The natural system may suggest new movement methods suitable for people’s activities. As a flexible system responding to people and nature, 〈Liquid City〉 is a new form of mobility, not the gloomy future megacities shown in SF films. If we agree on the future through nature, a new future city will be imagined as a collaboration with the natural order.