monad X; phase I

Jangwon Lee
Sustainable revolution of technology and aesthetic objects

〈monad X; phase I〉embodies the movement of objects which perceives human beings and their surroundings and grows and develops by itself. Moving objects, in the form of multiaxial articulated robots, have a self-evolving mechanism through reinforcement learning, a machine learning method of artificial intelligence. Particularly, this project focuses on changing the virtual environment through recent technological developments, the re-discovery of reality—especially before and after the experience of the metaverse environment—and physical movement that arises from the importance of behavior. Viewers of the exhibition will encounter the “unfamiliar” experience of 〈monad X phase I〉 coming from an object with unique action around multiple joints that creates an unfamiliar and unclear movement. This project metaphorically shows the qualities of the sun, nature, and what humans cannot intentionally change—not in a conventional interactive way, but in a way Lee has been persistently working on which simultaneously covers the limitations and issues of contemporary AI within the new evolution mechanism of artificial intelligence.