Dong-joo Seo
The multi-media online platform, exploring movements

Dongjoo Seo is a multimedia artist and graphic designer carrying out various projects based on new media, video, design, text, and anthropological research methods. He investigates the liquidity of awareness and senses caused by the changing relationship of contemporary culture-technology-life by using both analog and digital technology multimedia.

〈MOVEMENT THAT〉 explores contemporary lives, emotions, and behavior of individuals and communities through “movement.” Properties and spin-offs of movement such as vibration, flow, and change, are expanded into physical (movement and gesture), non-material (mind and emotion), and relational (culture and ideology) levels to explore individuality, diversity, collectivity, and difference in the continuously moving and migrating world of humans. The project is completed into an interactive website ( by combining text archives of various participants, including essays, notes, contributions, fiction, and diaries—with video, image, and sound. Audiences can access the website in a puzzle game format and enjoy different content with each piece of the puzzle. In the background of the website, a fragmented image of bodily movement embodying relationships of mind and body, person and person, and human and object is shown. Audiences can complete the puzzle for the entire image by using a mouse. The project embodies the philosophy that fragmented movements of individuals in a society are interconnected as collective movements in a playful web media design which balances diverse individual stories. In this way, the project accumulates contemporary human voices representing the unstable social, political, and economic situation—radically changing nature, the media environment, and the pandemic. It focuses on diverse movements of individuals trying to speculate, feel, and behave on the other side of daily life, even in an era of uncertainty, from different perspectives, and expands these movements into an exploration of collective emotion, bonds, and the affection of communities. This is eventually about listening to the multivocality of human beings, the exploration of the cognitive expansion of movement, and a collection of live body gestures that reflect the present and the hope for change.