Office Walker

YoungKak Cho
The fantasy and reality of daily future lives embodied by technology

Cho Youngkak explores various technological, social, and cultural issues that occur in a complicated system of nature, technology, imagination, and physical environment suggested by today's digital world. Regarding relationships between various subjects, such as human and machine, objects and society, and interface where the different layers of technology, society, and culture contact, he actively intervenes and distorts them into the unfamiliar and new and explores other possibilities and viewpoints.

〈Office Walker〉 is a system presented to us by reorganizing scenes from our daily lives. The rather old but familiar landscape of a common office is transformed into a nondaily scene by a presence moving around it. The six-legged walking robot moving around the space with a monitor on its body reacts to the movement of the audience and the environment nearby as it displays images on the monitor. These images are a result of deep learning of the recorded data from the environment nearby—human, human behavior, and its resultant object and rubbish, which are complexly combined and expressed as shapes in the process. Viewers soon become a part of the “office-robot-human” system and present non-daily scenes in other daily lives to other external observers.