op sound 2020

Tacit Group (Jaeho Chang)
2020, mixed media, 1000 x 1000 x 300 cm

Jaeho Chang, a composer and media artist, has worked on algorithm-based audio-visuals using digital technology. He formed a media artist team named ’Tacit Group’ in 2008 with GAZAEBAL (aka Jinwon Lee) and has continued to present multimedia performances and interactive installations from a new perspective toward the audio-visual art genre.
op sound 2020 is part of an installation series presented by Tacit Group since 2010. The sounds in this project are played through 16 speakers, each set at a slightly different speed and rhythm. At first, it sounds as if there is a regular pattern, but at some point, it becomes irregular and then merges into a single sound again. The time taken for the sounds to gradually diverge and then converge has the least common multiple value. Such a methodology reveals the group’s perception that mathematics is the very foundation for their algorithm-based sound creation.
op sound 2020, which generates repetition and difference as one sturdy element goes fast or slow, or extended or short, reveals the order in the midst of chaos, taking the audience into the complete immersion.

Tacit Group Exhibition 2020
2020. 12. 11. – 12. 13. 10am – 6pm
This is not a church,
37, Samseon-dong 4-ga,
Seongbuk-gu, Seoul