Neeeds (Dohahm Oh, Youngjun Kim)
2020, mixed media, dimension variable

Neeeds is a team made of Youngjun Kim, a service & product planner, and Dohahm Oh, a musician, to propose a service-prototype assuming specific demands. Based on the assumption, they attempt to create a solution at the intersection of technology and artistic discourse.
ORACLE 2020 sets Artificial Intelligence(AI) as a hypothetical religious medium in the near future and produces new commandments, tales, or proverbs based on the bible put out by AI. With this as a starting point, Oh and Kim imagine a religion that shares common values on the foundation of common needs in the most neutral way. They trained AI on existing religions‘ commandments using ‘Writing AI GPT-2’ presented in 2019 and created another religious commandments in a common language. Natural Language Processing(NLP) Engineer Seonghyun Kim took part in the learning process. The commandments created through this process are displayed as a handbook to convey the religious ‘word’ as understood and put into a near-futuristic form.
In the contemporary media environment, people consume content with portable devices such as smartphones anytime, anywhere, instead of learning something through experiences. Furthermore, COVID-19 has held people back from gathering in one place as a group and having a shared experience. Still, people are looking for the ‘word,’ as well as topics and contents. Is the word of the time preached by AI going to touch people‘s hearts through the ‘word’ in front of their eyes and hands? ‘Neeeds’ believes in and, at the same time, tests human beings‘ fundamental weaknesses and strengths.

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