ORACLE 2021 – ‘Hymn From Future’

Team Neeeds
Artificial Intelligence and religion, and human beings singing in-between

Team Neeeds is joined by writer Oh Doham and service developer Kim Youngjun and has covered subjects such as artificial intelligence, religion, and ethics through their 〈ORACLE〉 series. Even though they are a team, their attitudes towards technology, art, religion, and communication are different. This difference acts as an important aspect that cannot be simplified into one conclusion when imagining and practicing AI and religion. Last year’s 〈ORACLE 2020〉 contemplated the era of artificial intelligence and conducted an AI intelligence study of all kinds of religious and philosophical texts to make a “consolidated bible.” Through this process, Team Neeeds suggests the future of religion and its world view.

On ZER01NE Day, 〈ORACLE 2021 - ‘Hymn From Future’〉, a type of “virtual religious music” is created by attaching sounds to the “consolidated bible” which is created by the writing AI, GPT-3. This project is created in the gap between holy religion, difficult cutting-edge technology (seemingly too contrasting), and the intuition of the composer who makes music by imagining the pitch. This discloses the human existence between material technology and mental religion. The album consists of eight songs and will be released with accompanying music videos. For this production, writer Oh Doham swapped roles with music producer and service developer Kim Youngjun using GPT-3. In addition, choreographer and musician Choi Gippeum participated as vocalist and composer. Artificial intelligence and religion, along with melodies sung by humans welcomes a new audience.