Pavilion X

Jangwon Lee
2020, mixed media, dimension variable

Installation artist Jangwon Lee creates Pavillion X as an extension of Wilson (2018), Archimedean hole - 149,597,870,700 (2018) and ms_ERA study (2019), works previously showcased through the ZER01NE project from 2018 to 2019.
At the same time, Pavilion X diverges from previous works in two main ways: ‘structural change’ and ‘audience relationality.’ Using a device that senses and analyzes the viewer’s movement, Pavillion X encapsulates a malleable architectural structure that reacts to humans as well as the surrounding environment. In so doing, it crosses or eschews the boundaries of sculpture, machine, architecture and organism. Pavillion X accentuates the properties of a pavilion in that the viewer only momentarily occupies the structure and the structure reacts and adapts to its location and surroundings. By blurring the boundary between the interior and the exterior, Pavillion X actively reacts to the viewer’s movement and fosters a three-dimensional spatial experience.
To return to the title of the project with the context in mind, ‘X’ stands in place of varied interpretations, from the anonymous viewer-to-be, and the intersection of two points, to a symbol of multiplicity that encompasses hybridization and collaboration.