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weye(김병훈, 윤동국)
2019, 딥러닝(개체 검출+단안카메라 깊이 추출 앙상블, 문자인지, 경로 생성), 서버, 라즈베리파이 4, 문자 음성 변환, 가변설치

Byeonghun Kim and Dmitri Dong Kook Yoon of the expert AI collective “weye” aim to resolve social issues via technological R&D, and hope to share the fruit with everyone by making their technology open source.
This project is a system developed to make public transport more accessible for visually impaired individuals and wheelchair users. The light-weight AI camera device can recognize and provide sound signals for obstacles, doors, and getting on and off a bus. This information is given through bone conduction headphones to keep the ear canal free. weye hopes to disseminate mobility for everybody on a daily basis with its simple headset and device.