Phantasmic Dog

Yoon Jaemin
2020, single channel video, color, sound, 2 min

Through the novel and film form, Jaemin Yoon produces a ‘book talk’ video and a movie trailer based on an imaginary novel. Produced in collaboration with artist Jidon Jeong, The Boy from Fengkuei takes the form of an interview-based ‘book talk’ on the eponymous novel, but the source of the quoted texts does not exist. Phantasmic Dog, similarly, is a trailer of an imaginary movie based on a novel that does not exist. Through the book talk and the trailer, the viewers can only speculate about the past embedded in the quoted text, and the future that that the trailer gestures towards.
These works use fiction to create the possibility of the present as well as another world. Fiction, unsurprisingly, is also the most prominent similarity between a novel and a film. It makes room for possibilities, and creates the conditions for a dynamic future based on individual interpretations of texts.
Disrupting a linear temporality to invoke the future–through acts like creating a book talk and a trailer, imagining a future, and expanding the present moment into a future–this project challenges existing thoughts to bring forth a new awareness and understanding.