Luke Rideout, SungHong Min, Yoyojin
2020, mixed media, dimension variable

Strategic designer Luke Rideout, installation artist SungHong Min and multimedia artist Yoyojin examine the perspectives and potentials found in the intersection of agricultural activity and public art(or public space).
Pojangnongbang begins with two questions. Stemming from the uncertainty of individual capacity for food production and self-sufficiency, the first question asks, ‘How can we react to the pitfalls of agricultural business?’ It suggests specific agricultural methods that can be applied to urban lives, such as ‘an-hour-a-day office gardening,’ and ‘cultivating on the way home from work.’
The second question asks, ‘is public art truly for all?’ The question begins with the complexity of South Korea’s policies on architectural artworks, and the so-called 1% legislation, an architecture ordinance on public sculpture pieces around buildings that exceed a certain size.
Luke Rideout, SungHong Min, Yoyojin build a series of horticultural artworks that utilize public spaces as urban gardens. As immediate goals, they aim to restore the city’s soil, and to foster horticultural literacy and mental and psychological wellness in the members of the urban community.

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