Roadscape MMXXX

DongUk Lee
The future of the urban environment we imagine and make ourselves

IVAAIU CITY has been working on projects embodying future cities by comprehensively connecting the city's infrastructure, architecture, audio-visual environment, and citizens' ideas. 〈Roadscape MMXXX〉 displays diverse imaginations on future cities by compressively presenting future mobility environments centering mobility and road systems in an architectural space set in 2030.

“Complex Structure,” architectural space, and the pavilion piece simultaneously utilize components such as a kinetic wall, light animation, and immersive sound based on interactive programming. Audiences can experience the urban environment briefly in a multi-sensory way through continuously changing road patterns, moving structures nearby, connected lights and sounds, and VR animation. Visualized through 100 models in total, future road landscape images eventually narrow down into a single image, then physically embodied, while collected audience feedback is reflected in the process. Also, the participatory process including AR, editing, and sharing function of images allows audiences to feel the organic relationship with the future urban environment and realize the idea of “The future is ours to create!”