Sense of Space / Artist KimSanggu

Minseo Kim
2020, mixed media, dimension variable
2020, deep learning(one-camera depth extraction AI generative adversarial algorithm), two dimensional drawing-bot, 100 x 100 x 20 cm

Artificial Intelligence(AI) engineer and architectural designer Minseo Kim perceives AI as a being with the potential for collaboration, or a mirror through which we can understand humans. As an extension of Kim’s research on AI, Minseo Kim trains an AI to process photographs and physical spaces to create a human-like sense of space.
Kim feeds an AI images from various genres and analyzes the process through which the AI recognizes and spatializes specific parts of the image. The data collected from these experimentations are then presented in the form of a stool. The resulting particular sense of space functions as the foundational knowledge through which it interprets the exhibition space that continues to change through many variables. The AI ‘artist’ then moves through the X- and Y-axis to make its own painting.
This Project attempts to birth an AI ‘artist’ who materializes and digitizes the spatiality of images to analyze them and build their own individuality and intentionality. The project questions whether an AI can share a similar level of interpretation and experience as viewers do through their senses, and leads the viewer to consider the boundaries of artistic agency.