Hoonida Kim
2020, 360° camera, vision algorithm, streaming web-site

Meta media artist and air sculptor Hoonida Kim presents a project based on years of research and experimentation on changes in space and landscape. Though an extension of his previous explorations, SoundScape360 differs from previous projects in its methodology. It uses methods that reflect the contactless world that has become the norm since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Posing the question, ‘how does one use new environmental cognition devices to observe the world around him,’ the project contends with the amplification of human senses and new cognition and observation methods in the changed environment. On one side of the project lies the performer who navigates physical space and communicates information directly and indirectly collected through space recognition devices. On the other side lies the viewer who indirectly experiences physical space as mediated through an online space. This project can only be completed through the interaction between the two sides, and the viewer’s active engagement and choices play a crucial role.
Through this project, Hoonida Kim experiments with ‘a device that provides a new reading of the environment through technology,’ and organizes a system that crosses the border between the performer and the viewer to sense the landscape.

2020. 11. 27. – 12. 5.