Stand Still

Hoyoung Cho
2020, Conveyor, steel ball, mixed media, 45 x 200 x 80 cm

Installation artist Hoyoung Cho has approached the particular concept of ‘private space’ with the mobility, media, and the matter of perception in mind. In this project, an automobile is not just a means of transportation. It is presented as a spatial medium that protects an individual’s physical and emotional space and expands or shrinks the senses of such an individual.
Boundary Of Boundary installs rear parking sensors, BSA sensors and side sensors in a space defined as ‘boundary’ and visualizes or auralizes the way ‘boundary of boundary’ of each individual functions. In this process, the audio-visual images are converted autonomously as the subject adjusts the physical or emotional distance in the set online and offline space. The project turns into a network the distance individuals would sense and feel at an emotional level in their day-to-day lives to let the audience visually perceive it, suggesting a kind of methodology.
Furthermore, Stand Still makes the audience reconsider the matter of movement and distance in this paradoxical situation. When the momentum of two objects; conveyor belt and a ball on the belt, becomes exactly the same, those objects‘ movement/distance gets nil. Through this paradox of a situation where a movement is not perceived, the artist asks a question over (im)possibility of (non)contact.

DR. strangelove
2020. 11. 18. – 11. 22. 1pm – 7pm
Archetype Seoul
18, Saechang-ro 20ga-gil,
Yongsan-gu, Seoul