TelePainting II

Yejin Kim
Influence of individuals expanded by new technology and connection methods

Kim Yejin tries to imagine and realize a better future through new technologies and her identity as an engineer. Through this exhibition, she wanted to show her major interest—the interaction between robots and humans—in the form of “cooperation.” The project introduces the artist's interpretation and thoughts on robotics and the metaverse as a process of creation and appreciation rather than of vague refusal and fear that cutting-edge technology will be impossible to control or will isolate human beings. As a method, her favorite artistic activity, drawing, is combined with robotics and shows the value and potential of collaboration between humans and robots. Robots perform areas that require creativity and drawing skill so that the technical process of enhancing human ability is well shown. Online viewing and an active audience allow participants to experience TelePainting.

Through virtual reality simulation which enables communication with others, participants may paint while cooperating with robots. The proposed painting of the artist is produced by abstract visual movements symbolizing water movements and waves, which are metaphors for the “wave” of social influence and the waves of technology imagined and pursued by the artist along with the collection and movement of droplets and the visual communication methods used to visualize its properties. The artist’s attempt to show the cooperation of robots and humans—based on our daily senses and artistic activities—suggests we imagine the valuable potential for cooperation that is already flowing rather than a vague refusal of the advanced technologies already being used around us.