Tremolog – One Body Concert

Mimi Jeong
2020, single channel video, color, sound, mixed media, 9 min 24 sec

Choreographer and modern dancer Mimi Jeong puts forth a way of communication that transcends the limitations of online-based communication with voices and screen in the current situation where non-face-to-face communication has become a norm.
Tremolog – One Body Concert, an experiential video piece, maximizes a body language and attempts a new way of communication with individuals in isolation. Tremolog is the amalgamation of tremor and logue, meaning a story. Mimi Jeong starts from the perspective that all the sounds from a body can be traced back to movement and conducts a minute analysis of a body using ‘vibrations’ as if dissecting a body to identify the source and the cause of movement that makes a body complete.
A performer‘s utterance is reinterpreted into the movement with her body and delivered to the audience with the electronic sounds and vibrations derived from a technological system. This project creates a new way of communication by taking a non-linguistic approach using a technology that expands human senses to allow the audience to explore how languages and sounds are transformed and perceived by others. This also serves as an alternative to a situation where live performances are not available anymore due to COVID-19 and implies that a new relationship can be set to overcome the physical distance between the artist living overseas and the audience based in Korea.