Unknown DataScape sense(프로토타입)

후니다 킴
2019, 8채널 스피커, 3D 프린팅, 64비트 마이크로 프로세서, 금속, 라이다 센서, 사운드 알고리즘, 90×90×1700cm

Meta-media artist and air sculptor Hoonida Kim creates sound using the data of performers’ movements played by a new form of instrument called the “Unknown DataScape sense”.
Eight megaphones with sensors are positioned around the head of the performer to collect data in the changes of the surrounding. The distance between objects and the performer is measured using hacked lidar sensors, which are also found in autonomous vehicles and robot vacuum cleaners. The collected data are sent out in real time and played as soundscape audio, resembling tidal waves. Using 3D modeling, the sound data is recorded as a musical sheet and displayed alongside.