V2A(Vehicle to Animals)

The multi-media online platform, exploring movements

MINGYOSUWAKIMANDJANG was formed in 2018 to make “a good world to live in” through engineering knowledge and technology. The team has sought suggestions of perspectives and technological solutions for the weak, including safety issues of workers, improvement of the health check-up environment of patients, development of music technology to heal lacking emotion caused by Corona blue.

In the center of this project 〈V2A(Vehicle to Animals)〉, are animals. Especially related to mobility, the project covers roadkill issues caused by collisions between humans and animals. In this project, the unique solution perspective of MINGYOSUWAKIMANDJANG is to develop a connected car equipped with a sound system to prevent roadkill from the animals' perspective, not through human-centered solutions. This is done by making an environment in which animals sense vehicles first and avoid them rather than people seeing the animals and avoiding them, which is enabled through cameras, radar, and low-frequency sound. The project suggests ways to prevent sudden lane changing and the danger of secondary accidents as well as the goal to preserve both human and animal areas.
This exhibition visualizes the system’s concept and function flow. The core part of the project, the recognition of animals and the sound creating system, will be located at the center of the exhibition. A key point of the exhibition is that it sets the audience as animals. Movements of the audience will be recorded in real-time as coordinates on a wall, and as the central system recognizes the audience it draws low-frequency signals. The low-frequency sound, unrecognizable to human hearing, is expressed in shapes of waves and colored lights by using water and LED. MINGYOSUWANKIMANGJANG suggests the potential of connected cars that will provide a new paradigm through experiencing animals’ perspectives in the face of preventing roadkill through prediction clues for future mobility environments and coexistence.