WOW-STEP : Music Classification Project for Cochlear Implant Users

Phased expansion of auditory art appreciation environment

WONWOORI has continued to work on expanding human possibilities by researching sound recognition methods and body sensations. In particular, he uncovers the beauty in the unique auditory senses of those with transplanted cochlear implants and studies their auditory characteristics while highlighting the essence of music.

In this exhibition, WONWOOORI unfolds his concerns about musical empathy forged through cochlear implant users throughout the exhibition hall. The time and stories the artist shared with the cochlear implant users overlap and are converted into sight and sound. There is a drawing that contains the process of communication with cochlear implants users and the results themselves, with added audio-visuals and sound. Surrounded by digital images and sounds, viewers interact with their bodies and perceive mixed senses. The wavelength of sound stimulates auditory, visual, and tactile senses and evokes a feeling of empathy. The sound surrounds the space and gives visitors an immediate feeling of being in touch with their senses. The experience of synesthesia and the connection as mediators resembles our lives. The audience closely encounters and joins the inner aesthetic experience of cochlear implants users.
In the exhibition space, the process of newly established criteria according to the hearing stages of cochlear implants users and audio-visuals containing the unique hearing of cochlear implants users will be presented. Through questions and responses prepared by the artist, audiences will be organically connected in one space as they experience the coexistence of multiple senses. This work, made in collaboration with composers and cochlear implants users, reflects the artist's longstanding interest in the essential element of sound and the world surrounding us.