Yoyo power : Activate social justice

2020, speaker, video, drawing, dimension variable

Multimedia artist Yoyojin has drawn unique characters in his distinctive style. He has continuously done live drawing performances on canvases, walls, boxes, and various surfaces and also worked with AR and VR. In Yoyo power : Activate social justice, Yoyojin carries out a new experiment with the drawing ‘sound.’
In this project, Yoyojin collected and processed various sounds generated by drawing or writing. Sounds at amplified volume are put out from multiple speakers, which are arranged in multiple formats. The ‘sounds’ and ‘vibrations’ coming out from those speakers designed and made by the artist come across as a synesthetic ‘message’ alongside the visual effects created by the design and space.
In this project, the artist attempts to deliver what he understands as social justice in a light and casual manner. Speakers in different sizes and sounds in various decibels represent loud and small voices and opinions of people. Sounds are brought together to create vibrations and be manifested as energy. In this project, ‘sounds’ in different levels and forms are amplified to become a force, asking the audience with what kind of sounds we are going to communicate with society and define justice.