ZER01NE Company Builder

ZER01NE COMPANY BUILDER is the in-house start-up program of Hyundai Motor Group.

ZER01NE COMPANY BUILDER allows employees of Hyundai Motor Group with innovative ideas to start-up their own businesses by providing in-house incubation and acceleration.

Any employees with potential business items based on technology and know-hows accumulated through their careers can knock on the door of ZER01NE COMPANY BUILDER.

The program provides selected ideas up to 300 million KRW funding as development expense. After 1 year of product/service and business development, the ideas will undergo spin-off deliberation.

Since 2000, Hyundai Motor Group has been strengthening its open innovation practice by broadening the range of new business covered by in-house start-ups.

Business areas of in-house start-ups include various fields related to Hyundai Motor Group, such as mobility, automobile parts, and SW service. Competitive business items of unexplored areas are welcomed as well.