Birth of Active Players

A new generation of players has emerged. “Mobility” in new places has given birth to completely new active “Players.” These active Players build and expand a new universe. They freely move around this universe they’ve built and seek discovery. The emergence of the new Player is closely related to words such as mobility, game, metaverse, and secondary characters. These new Players express their inner selves in the new universe, embrace other selves, and create relationships. Through consistent interaction within this new universe, the universe creates itself. Inside the playground, as active Players, we experience building a universe without limits.


Play for New Relationships

Players, recognizing and encountering each other by chance, create new relationships by repeating cycles of exploration, supposition, and conquest, focusing on existence through infinite imaginative iterations. The most important concept in this process is “unlearning”— the desire for a new universe and escaping existing frameworks. When we escape from our stationary perspectives and keep exploring unknown time, we can seek opportunities for connection with other beings. Players show, through their play, how to tear down societal boundaries, staring and recognizing the essence of what is. The Playground, where interactions between Players are diffused and advanced, escapes abstract truth and methods of unclear social justice and suggests a focus on existence itself and a methodology of transcendental thinking freely passing between the past and the future.


Movement for All

Connected players move forward beyond the world and questions that individuals face, to “our” play with each other. “We,” as constantly flowing selves, encounter diverse movements and perform repeating moments of creation, clash, and fusion. Unpredictable plays—between universes, between culture and communities, and between human beings and new existences—create a playground. On our playground, “FUTURE MOBILITY” focuses on multi-faceted movements connected by each player’s movements—beyond futuristic mobility which individuals can enjoy thanks to technological development—so that coexisting mobility is unfolded, enabling coexistence between humans and non-humans. Furthermore, a new environment emphasizing mobility is sought, rather than the fixed hierarchy of cities.


Creation and Connection to another Ground

A new kind of Player has emerged out of rapid technological development, and the playgrounds in which they play have already opened up a world of infinite opportunities. Players connect to exponentially increased worlds and a variety of cultures. They—connecting human beings, humans and non-humans and human and other universes—create diverse multiple playgrounds. They constantly question “why” and “how” and explore connecting points between reality and virtuality, existence and non-existence. They reinforce awareness through the rediscovery of the senses and reveal other universes. The manifestation of new interactions within diverse cultural communities expands each player’s experience. This is the way to connect multiple universes that transform into “Hyper Connected” form.

ZER01NE DAY 2021

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