BLOCALLY is a compound word of ‘Brand’ and ‘Locally’. BLOCALLY is a local branding service that operates under a motto, ‘Make Local a Brand’. It discovers possibilities of hidden cultures, traditions, agricultural products and stories not well known, reinterprets them from a new modern perspective and make them into brands that people can share.

BLOCALLY manufactures and sells vegan cosmetic products by upcycling unsold agricultural products. BLOCALLY purchases unsold agricultural products, processes them and turn them into high-quality products with high added values as well as regional and cultural values to develop a sustainable global brand.
BLOCALLY launched cosmetics brand owndo˚ (meaning temperature in Korean) reaching the crowdfunding target by 5,000%. The products of owndo˚ contain Siberian chrysanthemum cultivated in Hwasoon.
owndo˚ is currently distributed through Lotte Lohbs, Ten by Ten, Hwahae Shopping, Amazon, 29Cm and other on/offline stores and the products are also exported to Indonesia and India. BLOCALLY is currently in the process of signing contracts for exporting the products to Dubai and Europe are under
UGLYCHIC is BLOCALLY’s organic raw ingredient brand that uses ugly organic products cultivated in Muju, Sangju and Jeju.
Scape care shampoo, sunscreen and women’s cleaning products made with those organic ingredients will be launched in August – September, 2020.