Developed the nation’s first AI technology and neural network processor (NPU) for edge devices. DEEPX provides high-performance, energy-efficient, low-cost embedded AI solutions and is striving to fundamentally innovate technologies that will transform tremendous amount of objects in the era of IoT into intelligent entities.

DEEPX provides a deep-learning accelerator processor solution (NPU: Neural Processing Unit) for IoT and edge devices. We work on commercializing embedded AI technologies using our NPU which is light and energy efficient. We also design the hardware and are working to achieve our goal. Our clients include autonomous car, smart home appliances, personalized sound systems, drone and security camera manufacturers and companies that develop edge computing products that use AI technologies. In order to make existing IoT devices evolve into intelligent entities, we are currently developing AI algorithm optimization technologies, AI-based applied service technologies and processor architectures that are optimized for computation and data processing. We are planning to make the performance level, energy-efficiency and lightness of our NPU best in the world within this year. Currently to take the technological level of several applied products to our goal, we are carrying our technological projects and collaboration with various clients and partners. Since technological methods for realizing or applying AI vary depending on the business environment and the environment AI would be used, it is our priority to cooperate with our clients and partners in the most organic way to supply customized hardware for products in which AI technologies will be integrated with.