Developed inaudible sound wave-based high-precision positioning solution, MICLO which can be used for industries such as car commerce and smart factories that require high-precision positioning systems.

MICLO is a solution that overcomes the limitations of BLE, UWM and vision cameras which are commonly used for location recognition technologies and it’s unique in 3 areas.
First, MICLO enables accurate positioning through a time difference calculation algorithm (Los: less than 10cm).
Second, MICLO is 10 times for cost-competitive than existing solutions because it utilizes speakers and mics within existing infrastructure.
Third, MICLO is compatible with all types of hardware.
MICLO’s target markets are precise positioning car commerce solutions and industrial precise positioning solutions markets.
For precise positioning car commerce, MICLO has been applied as an automated payment solution to gas stations, parking lots and drive-thrus for accurate positioning of the vehicles. And for industrial precise positioning, MICLO has been applied as a smart factory solution for accurate positioning of mobile equipment and workers.