Based in Seoul and Silicon Valley, MAKINA ROCKS develops industrial AI solutions that improve product efficiency using deep learning and reinforced learning-based anomaly detection and intelligent control technologies.

MAKINA ROCKS is a company that uses AI to solve the problems manufacturing companies face and apply AI in actual industrial settings. MAKINA ROCKS anomaly detector and intelligent control algorithm contribute to improving the production efficiency of automobile, semiconductor, battery and pharmaceutical sectors that carry our complicated process by predicting equipment failures, quality problems, improving the operation rate and product quality and applying intelligent control systems. While working on developing enterprise AI solutions, MAKINA ROCKS is developing a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution expanded from an existing on-premise solution and is striving to expand its product portfolio and business models to compete in the global markets.
It was a rare case but as a startup, MAKINA ROCKS was able to get investments from major companies like SK Telecom, Hyundai Motors and Naver as seed funding.