Developed the nation’s first, full-stack, autonomous driving simulation platform that is equipped with a core engine. It can be used to develop and test autonomous driving systems.

MORAI ‘s autonomous driving simulation platform creates a virtual road environment (digital twin) that is the same as the real road environment along with the complicated traffic situations, climate conditions and light conditions according to the time of the day. It reconstructs tens of thousands of circumstances that can happen on a real road. The AI in the autonomous driving system allows you to experience all kinds of situations you can face on a real road through MORAI’s simulation platform and it learns to respond appropriately to those situations. MORAI’s autonomous driving simulation platform analyzes detailed map data and can quickly create a digital twin. This allows you to experience the road on which your autonomous car will be driving. The platform uses data acquired from real roads and recreates realistic scenarios and movements of cars as if they’re actually driven by real people.
Corporations, universities and research institutes carrying our research and development in the autonomous driving field, can use MORAI’s simulation platform to test their autonomous driving systems and can develop more high-performing and reliable autonomous driving solutions saving development and testing costs.