OPENEDGES Technology

Driving AI SoC Innovation with Integrated IP Solutions

OPENEDGES Technology provides integrated IP solutions for AI edge computing enabling more people to enjoy the benefits of artificial technology in the era of AI. We excel in two main IPs required to make low-powered, high-performing AI semiconductors; (1) Neural Processing Unit (NPU) IP (2) Memory Subsystem IP.
We go beyond the optimization of individual IPs, providing the integrated IP solutions to global fabless. “AI Platform IP” is the combination of NPU IP and Memory Subsystem IP, solving the problem of performance degradation in system due to the conflicts of individual IPs. “AI Platform IP” enables clients to design high performance SoC (System on Chips), achieving best performance throughout the system.
OPENEDGES has headquarters in South Korea, US branch in San Jose and foreign subsidiary(The Six Semi) in Toronto, Canada. We are moving forward as global AI semiconductor IP company.