[Accelerator Interview] Developer of AI-Based, Real-Time Video Analysis Solutions, ‘MindEye’


1. Overview of MindEye

To realize a ‘Vibra World’ where people are healthy and happy, MindEye develops health and wellness care services, security solutions that detect psychophysiological states and security risks and various applications for lie detection, emotion detection, multi-intelligence and personality testing and psychiatric diagnosis which use algorithms for analyzing psychophysiological reactions based on people’s head, face or body captured on videos in a contactless, noninvasive and nonrestraint way.

2. Company Background

The Quantified Self movement and wellness-health care services that incorporate mobile and wearable devices are a global trend these days and we are about to see an exponential growth in the demand for products or services that provide personalized monitoring and feedback. The demand for online, contact-less services is rising in the COVID-19 pandemic and we are entering the era of New Normal. There are many COVID-19 patients, people in self-quarantine and families that are suffering from psychological trauma, stress, anxiety and Corona Blue and these people need an application that they can use to evaluate their psychophysiological condition and be monitored remotely. There is a high chance that people’s anxiety, stress and depression will be prolonged with the ongoing pandemic so we need to manage the data from psychophysiological testing as big data and use the data for figuring out and developing policies for the psychological health of the public. The contact-less life will slow down business activities and significantly decrease employment rate as well. And we are urgently in need of an AI-based online service that allows people to test and monitor their psychophysiological condition anytime, anywhere using a smartphone or PC.

3. MindEye’s Strengths and Differentiating Factors

First is our technological originality. Emotional, cognitive and psychological states are related to brain’s reflex control mechanism. And medical and psychophysiological conditions cause subtle head movements because the brain’s vestibular system tries to maintain balance. Our unique technology maps these psychophysiological parameters and EEG captured on videos, translates them with algorithms and analyzes the psychophysiological condition of the subject.

Second is the differentiating factor of our service. We provide a mobile wellness care service which involves preliminary and follow-up tests on the effects of care on psychophysiological condition and providing quantified data to the users. We also work with relevant organizations so that our users can receive personalized training and care and, arrange communities and seminars so that the users can share their experiences and develop a social support system.

Third is the competitiveness of our service. Our psychophysiological test involves filming and analyzing the subtle head and facial movements caused by the reflex control mechanism of the brain’s vestibular system and this is an advanced technology that cannot be replicated by others. This makes it hard for other players to compete with us in the market. Instead of using the conventional psychophysiological tests such as fingertip stress tests, paper-based surveys and interviews, we only use videos for our analysis. Our method is more convenient, time-efficient and can provide quantified data. The market has not seen this type of self-monitoring solution. We have also tested and verified the effectiveness of our applications and solutions. We are also actively carrying out research, development, studies and patent development on our lie detection solutions which analyze psychological response distortions, security solutions that detect suspicious and potentially dangerous individuals, psychophysiological testing solutions and core technologies for detecting emotional states.

4. Most Memorable Moment?

We applied a program for detecting emotional states in real-time which we developed with Hyundai Motor Group through ZER01NE and an application that detects the drowsiness, fatigue and happiness of drivers and passengers, to testing whether we could detect the learning state and efficiency (concentration level) of students and to a lie detection system and achieved great results. We became confident that a program that detects emotional states in real-time based on video analysis can be applied to various industries and services. The experience inspired us to begin developing services that people can use in everyday life, like smart driving, smart healthcare, neuromarketing and educare.

5. Business Accomplishments

We export our technology for detecting suspicious individuals based on CCTV videos overseas including China and we supply a video-based lie detection technology to the National Police Agency and military investigative bodies. Also, we supply a video-based psychophysiological testing product to psychological counseling centers and healing centers and, we are currently testing a mental state testing product on soldiers.

We develop mobile applications as well. We are currently in the process of developing an application for analyzing the fatigue, drowsiness and happiness of drivers and passengers. We also carry out joint projects with various partners.

6. What Inspires You While Running a Business?

Emotional, cognitive and psychological states are manifested subtle head movements because the brain’s vestibular system tries to maintain balance and stabilize the head. Our unique technology maps these subtle head movements captured on videos, translates them with algorithms and analyzes the psychophysiological condition of the subject. And we use this technology to develop various applications. We want to contribute to enhancing public’s mental health by servicing an application that is optimal for self-monitoring psychophysiological condition in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic where contact-less healthcare solutions are so important. We are also planning to incorporate an application which detects emotional states in real-time to smart driving, smart health care solutions, neuromarketing and educare.

7. Advice for Those Preparing to Start a Business

We want to tell them to be cool-headed and realistic about what kind of value their services and products could provide to consumers and to be passionate about what they believe will offer those values.

8. What Are Your Business Plans and Vision for the Future and Your Thoughts on ZER01NE?

Based on our experiences in developing and commercializing various applications, we want to focus on developing a service that people can use more easily. Working with Hyundai Motor Group through ZER01NE, we’ve developed an application that detects the emotional states of the driver and passengers in real-time. In future projects with Hyundai Motor Group, we want to use this application to develop smart driving solutions and smart health care services. We want to continue to collaborate with other partners through ZER01NE to develop more convenient services. We are also planning to develop neuromarketing services people can use in their everyday life in the neuromarketing and educare fields.

9. Anything Else You Want to Say?

We are hoping to attract investments and to develop strategic, win-win partnerships through ZER01NE.