[atom&bits] EunJin Kim

[아톰앤비츠] 김은진
  • 2021 Creator
Kinetic Scenographer

Studio atom&bits provides moments of relaxation and refreshment in everyday life by using art and technology.

<Studio atom & bits> is a creative studio based in seoul (KR) led by Eunjin & Seungki Kim. With science, technology and design background, we research and build immersive experience for non-daily moment. We want to explore technology in a different way than before to create a lot of happy little incidents in the world.
Kinetic-scenographer and director Eunjin Kim has created an immersive environment in which stories are added to the kinetic/Interactive installation, and has participated in exhibitions such as 100% Design London (2012), Mullae Art Festival (2013), Da Vinci Creative (2013, 2017), and tomorrow’s art exhibition (2020) and so on. EJ has experiences that introduced a number of space and kinetic installation works for the brand’s commercial space in Singapore, Beijing, LA, and London.
Creative developer Seungki Kim obtained a Ph.D. in the field of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction). He has researched to enhance collocated communication between people through technologies such as physical computing and augmented reality. He has presented his research to exhibitions and conferences such as SIGGRAPH (2013), CHI (2013, 2014), and DIS (2017, 2018).