Interstellar Message Written in Hangeul

Unhappy Circuit
2020, 3 channel video, color, 4 channel sound, 53 min

Interdisciplinary artist Unhappy Circuit’s project Interstellar Message Written in Hangeul begins with the question, ‘Should there exist an alien intelligence, how do we communicate with them?’
Unhappy Circuit creates ‘Interstellar Message’ as a way to initiate communication with them, using, in particular, Hangeul alphabets and Korean grammar. In tandem with the efforts to systematically broadcast Earth’s languages towards the unknown creatures, the project emphasizes the need for reflecting the variety of Earth’s languages and alphabets in interstellar messages. Unhappy Circuit weaves together perspectives on humans, nature and the universe and brings them together into a common knowledge and language system through an interstellar message. Moving beyond a world limited to human lives, we can imagine a world in which human and nonhuman beings come together.