Scope of the Cloud

JooYoung Oh
Questions to future humanism following the eyes of mobility

Oh Jooyoung presents her imagination of mobility in future cities through retro-style art games. In the scenario that takes place in the future virtual “Cloud City,” three different characters of a researcher, a designer, and a bird have unique perspectives and mobility abilities. Cloud City is home to those who became refugees due to the climate crisis in 2051, as the ground under the troposphere has become desertification requiring most of the living to take place in the sky. Under the assumption of such future cities—as humans do not share the troposphere—not yet extinct “non-flying birds” begin to attack humans, and “researchers” and “designers” seek their own ways of coexistence within the framework of the game. Through attacks and negotiations in this survival game, the ending of Cloud City can be changed.

The non-flying bird, which has lost its core survival weapon due to human demolition of the environment, appears with a grand opening: “My last descendants, listen to my cries. Humans occupy our sacred sky. You are only a threat and a detested creature to humans! You will become their fuel as soon as you are caught…” This bird must survive the mobility competition in the troposphere. The situation, messages, and characters in the game inspire audiences to think about and contemplate the format and content of the project, such as the messages related to the environment and the format of art games.