Changyeob Ok

  • 2019 Creator
  • 2020 Alumni
  • 2021 Alumni
Visual Artist

Creator Changyeob Ok hopes to show invisible human and natural phenemena visually using technologies.

Creator Changyeob Ok is using his experience working as an electronic engineer to visualize natural and scientific phenomena humans cannot sense through micro controllers, sensors and light. He also wants to communicate with the audience delivering social and cultural messages through his works. He has participated in the 《Ars Electronica Festival: ERROR》(Linz, Austria, 2018) with his work (2018), a light installation work in which he visualized cosmic radiation. Also, he has participated in group exhibitions held at CICA Museum (Gimpo, 2019), Casket Gallery (Minnesota, USA, 2017), Spaces Gallery (Ohio, USA, 2016) as well as in the Franconia Sculpture Park (2017) residency program.