• 2020 Creator
  • 2021 Alumni
Doodle Artist

Creator Yoyojin like to help audiences to reach the messages with interest through cute and fun art.

Creator Yoyojin is a doodle artist, pop artist, animation and documentary filmmaker and an AR/VR producer that uses unique and cute characters for his enchanting, transmedia artworks.

Through UNESCO, Yoyojin has participated in a cultural arts project in Zambia for a period of 4 years. Also, as a member of a Zambian artists collaborative called ‘ART4ART’, Yoyojin planned and produced documentary films and animated TV shows to deliver accurate information about HIV/AIDS and improve people’s awareness. In 2018, Yoyojin participated in a residency program at a Zambian art center called MODZI ART, held his first solo exhibition in Zambia in March, 2019 and has been involved in live drawing shows and media projects after since his return to Korea.