Don’t Panic

Verification and proliferation of new learning methods through virtual space

E.A.T is a team composed of a system engineer, a developer, and a UI designer. The team seeks to realize a new paradigm of education in the online environment. The 〈Don't Panic〉project started from the limitations of online education being less experiential than in-person education. The project presents a new educational metaverse platform as a solution that enables learners to actively learn through the motivation-growth-assessment process, even in an online environment.

E.A.T designed the online peer learning space 〈Don't Panic〉 through UX from members' experiences. Peer learning, the core paradigm of education that E.A.T purses, highlights growth through peer learning over one-sided lectures. Within the peer learning environment, learners become teachers and assessors to each other. Inside〈Don't Panic〉space, learners log on to this online platform using virtual characters and meet their peers. They carry out missions composed of project-based questions and learn together. The completion of missions is rewarded by the growth of the characters. These gamifying components act as motivation for learning and development. All data made from the process of completing missions are visualized and provided in the forms of learning levels, capability growth graphs, and the growth of characters. Visualized data immediately becomes the learner’s transcript and resume. On the 〈Don't Panic〉 transcript, there is no ranking. Learners only need to grow as much as they want and whenever they want. Proving growth does not come from “ranking inside the system,” but from learners themselves. Transcripts in〈Don't Panic〉can be updated anytime through self-learning, not through exams taken at a fixed time and place. Computers for experiencing this online platform are prepared in two separate sections of the exhibition. Each participant enters a room without knowing the existence of other participants, then they carry out the mission together on the platform, and identify each other after the mission is completed. This is what E.A.T cares most about on the platform: “peer learning experience in virtual space.”〈Don't Panic〉is a practical exploration of the new learning environment and behavioral respect for future generations.