Topological Sense ver.1

Sunghyeop SEO
2020, stained plywood, electric motor, marbles, soribuk, 240 x 300 x 300 cm

Designer and visual artist Sunghyeop SEO’s artistic practice covering various fields has sought the significance and role of art and design in society. In his pursuit of a unique methodology of his own that puts together various forms of media he uses as he carries out projects across diverse genres, the artist got an idea from topology for this project.
In Topological Sense ver.1, Sunghyeop SEO defines ‘topological sense’ as a universal sense shared by various media and attempts to visualize this. In this project, the artist asks what ‘the topological method’ is for ‘Korea’s traditional music’, which he views as the most innovative and experimental genre. Sounds, installation, and performance cross and are connected with one another, visually, acoustically, and spatially, stimulating the audience’s synesthetic imagination.
This project looks closely into and considers the fundamental quality shared by different art genres and devises a new methodology where multiple media and genres are brought together to be expressed as a certain sense. It also invites the audience to consider how to connect the traditional senses and the new senses to be created going forward at the same level.

2020. 11. 13. – 11. 19. 10am – 6pm
Studio Alterside
3rd floor, 59, Bangullae-ro,
Mapo-gu, Seoul