Sunjoo Lee

    Media Artist

    “Sunjoo Lee studies man-made technology which is utilized or transformed based on the perspective of non-humans (animals, plants, and natural phenomena) and expands her imagination on this through her artwork.”

    “Lee is a media artist and designer based in Seoul Korea and Eindhoven, Netherland. Her work is often based on different media using video, data, algorithms, robots, and drawings. With a continued focus on the conjunction of art, technology, and nature, Lee probes the technology that can be used by multiple species and the coexisting future via technology from the artist’s perspective.

    , an artwork co-created with her frequent collaborator Ko de Beer, a musician, and engineer, was invited to the 2020 Ars Electronica Festival. Lee has also led a 5-day-long workshop on ‘Endosymbiosis within cyborg’ for university students in the past.”