Landscape Music

Seungsoon Park
2020, single channel video, color, sound

Media musician Seungsoon Park has explored the intersection of art and technology through his artistic practice across various genres, including media installations and sound performances. Park makes the most of his senses as a musician instead of using technology to create landscape music.
In Landscape Music, the artist goes deep into the landscape of Jeju. What the artist as an individual felt and enjoyed in the forest and on the beaches of picturesque Jeju is played out as an impromptu performance. The sounds of nature gathered from the landscape are put together with the performance of Seungsoon Park to create two different layers and then to be born through post-production as ‘ambient music.’
This project proposes a new way of experience where humans’ audio-visual senses become expanded through ‘landscape music’ created with common technologies, not advanced ones. Furthermore, it offers time to stay in the landscape, even for a moment, to those who are tired of the reality where the physical movement has been erased due to prolonged COVID-19.