Tele Painting – For Practicing Mindfulness

Yejin Kim
2020, VR, robotics, dimension variable

Yejin Kim, who is a robotics engineer and visual artist, has studied computer vision and robotics. Kim has paid close attention to the social changes brought about by technological advances. In this project, Kim devises a new way of art creation based on AI and robotics technology.
Tele Painting – For Practicing Mindfulness is a VR installation where a remote control robot using open source and AI is implemented both in reality and in the virtual space simultaneously to create drawings and enable the audience experience. The artist’s studio’s limited space gets expanded into the virtual reality, and a robot arm and a mobile robot in the studio function on behalf of the artist’s body that performs creative activities. The audience becomes an active player who controls a robot and takes part in the drawing activity within the environment defined by the artist, rather than remaining as a passive observer.
This project explores human potential and creativity to put forth the technical scalability of an act of art. At the same time, the audience would experience the close interaction between their body and tools as well as the broadened boundary of their senses as they embrace new tools as if they are the same as their bodily senses.