Manipulating the World

Youngju Kim
2020, multi player game, 20min

Viewing games as a new medium of expression, game designer Youngju Kim researches the meta game experience. Manipulating the World reflects today’s reality in which individual convictions and the real-time transmission of information through social networking come together to form the causal relationships of events. This project shows the ways in which viewer-participants receive and react to the same event differently. The viewer-participant, as both the receiver and transmitter of information and communication, exercises decision-making power within the project. Rather than simply receiving the flow of a specific event on screen, the viewer-participant influences the game’s narrative and plot by providing immediate feedback to the content on screen.
In the world of ‘here and now,’ the viewer-participant can form a fluid community through particular solidarities, and actively work through the information to discern relative truths. This process provides a compressed experience of the present moment in which awareness becomes impossible within the sheer magnitude of information and truths.

DR. strangelove
2020. 11. 18. – 11. 22. 1pm – 7pm
Archetype Seoul
18, Saechang-ro 20ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul