• 2020 Creator
  • 2021 Alumni
Media Artist

Creator JIN SEUNG JANG seeks for the change of social prejudice and distorted perception through diverse experiments, interactions, and archive by expressing within the context of art and technology.

Creator Jin Seung Jang is a media artist with interests in social prejudices, discrimination and the possibilities of misunderstanding or mutual understanding that arise from those prejudices and discrimination.&nbsp;<br><br>He believes that unconsciously distorted perceptions and awareness are true causes of prejudices people develop for various reasons and is aimed at solving these social and interpersonal problems through the context of art and technology. Among various discriminations, Jang is focused on racial discrimination which can be easily experienced yet neglect as easily by most people. He has been studying and dealing with these subtle problems related to discrimination by continuously building his data archive on the human-technology relations, sensitizing this archive and putting the essence of his archive into practice. <br>Jin Seung Jang has held a two-person exhibition titled, 《Behind a Mask: The Cooperative Possibilities of Ambivalent Data Collection and Utilization》(Interaction Seoul, 2017) and released an album titled <bruederschaft x Low Classic Seoul>(2014) as a produced.<br>