Wonbaek Shin

  • 2019 Creator
  • 2020 Alumni
  • 2021 Alumni
Media Artist

Creator Wonbaek Shin is trying to expand his artistic world by reinterpreting electric energy and other invisible forms of energy which serve as the basis for all media from artistic and humanities perspective.

Creator group Lovot Lab is a media artist group comprised of media artists Hyuns Hong and Wonbaek Shin who use electronic parts and computer engineering technologies for their creative process. Creator Hyuns Hong uses electronics circuits and programming to understand life and machines and Wonbaek Shin reinterprets energy which is the basis for media from the arts and humanities perspectives. They are hoping to offer more colorful and artistic perspectives on media art using technologies. Lovot Lab has participated in exhibitions like 《A.I & Artificial Creativity》(SeMA Storage/KINTEX/Platform-L Contemporary Art Center, Seoul, 2017), 《Dual Identity. Körperliche Digitalität》(Förderverein Aktuelle Kunst, Münster, 2017) and 《Phantom City》(Sehwa Museum of Art, Seoul, 2019) and, has been selected for the ‘Art Station Project (2018)’ 및 ‘Art Expression Support Project (2019)’ of Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture.