RDT (Recycling Digital Trash)

Minseo Kim, Dongjoo Seo, Wonwoo Lee
2020, digital platform, mixed media, dimension variable

RDT (Recycling Digital Trash) by Minseo Kim, an Artificial Intelligence engineer and architectural designer, Dongjoo Seo, a media installation artist and graphic designer, and Wonwoo Lee, an installation artist, recycles digital trash to create a new media environment. The fundamental notion of recycling comes from ecological regeneration. Recycling implies introspection about one-directional, boundless production and consumption, and return back to circulation. They metaphorically apply such a notion to the digital ‘ecosystem’ as well.
RDT (Recycling Digital Trash) integrates data deletion functionality in each computer with a web environment through the RDT app downloaded by each individual. Deleted data would go through a proprietary algorithm and be ‘sorted out’ according to specific parameters not to be re-used but to form an ecological media environment in itself. The project is presented as rather complex audio-visual images through data collection, the definition of meta-algorithm, and its ecological development.
This project alludes to the organic state of the modern society, which functions as a massive network, inviting the audience to start from a trivial, individual data level in approaching the relationship between individuals and society and the issue of the ecosystem which are in a more desperate state than any other time.

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