GIGKER : Certification Platform for Gig Workers / Where is my data?

Youngjun Kim
2020, mixed media, dimension variable

The two projects by Youngjun, Kim, a service & product planner, explore the social issues of information monopoly and divide. He takes a sociological approach to how information is distributed in an inequitable manner and considers ways to give those who are on the losing end of the information divide easy access to the information they need. Where is my data? is the outcome of analyzing and visually designing the flow of user data collected by businesses under the privacy policy. Youngjun, Kim, and Yoonyoung JUNG, a researcher who collaborated with Kim in this project, consider data monopoly by companies with Naver‘s example and present various installations as the result of such consideration.
GIGKER : Certification Platform for Gig Workers identifies the problem of the platform labor market for delivery job function; these workers do not belong anywhere.
In order to address this problem, Kim, in collaboration with Sangwook HAN, a researcher, set up a bulletin board as infrastructure for basic level communication and designed and offered a play-like profit ranking platform to induce voluntary participation of platform workers in the bulletin board to boost their income.