Dohahm, Oh

  • 2020 Creator
  • 2021 Alumni
Organizer & Musician

Creator Dohahm Oh, as a musician, I want to give people something good.
Creator Dohahm Oh, as an organizer, I would like to re-create a format in which music is distributed according to the situation based on the conditions of music.
Creator Dohahm Oh, as a designer, I visualize the story of a musician and help the process of circulation.

Creator Dohahm Oh is a musician, designer and event promoter that experiments with various situations and conditions of music.

His question, “What would punk rockers in North Korea look like?” led him to plan a show called <Lee Sung Woong, the North Korean Punk Rocker> (Art Sonje Center, 2012). He also planned a rock festival titled <Maseok Town Festival>(Maseok Furniture Complex, 2013) for foreign workers working at the Maseok Furniture Complex and a show called <Club Vibration>(Korea Disability Arts and Culture Center, 2019), inspired by the way hearing-impaired people enjoy music.