The Sound

Tacit Group (Jaeho Chang), Jung Sungyoon
2020, mixed media, 130 x 130 x 200 cm

Jaeho Chang, a composer and media artist, and Jung Sungyoon, an installation artist, attempt to tear down the common notion that music is a temporal art and present it as an art of space.
The Sound is a site-specific sound installation which enables a spatial experience of music through vibrations. The sounds coming from this work spread out in the space through the resonance of vibrations. Under the installation, the audience would have a fresh synesthetic experience of feeling the electronic sounds of vibrations that stimulate their ears from different directions.
Jaeho Chang and Jung Sungyoon, in this project, experiment with ways to present music, which has been perceived only as a flow of time, as a spatial art through installation works and offer the audience a spatial acoustic experience. This project moves freely between visual plasticity and auditory spatiality and reinterprets the boundary between vibrations and sounds and between visual senses and aural senses by inviting the audience to experience invisible sounds in the space and even to explore what sounds are and how the relationship between sounds and space changes.

Tacit Group Exhibition 2020
2020. 12. 11. – 12. 13. 10am – 6pm
This is not a church
37, Samseon-dong 4-ga,
Seongbuk-gu, Seoul

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