Yangachi is a meta-media artist. As a web artist, he has held online exhibitions and community projects, and he has been continuously re-establishing his artistic language and understanding of media in the changing times. Yangachi explains, “Media is not simply what comes with electric or electronic devices, but rather, it is what connects people and allows for communication between them.” In 2017, he showcased an exhibition titled When Two Galaxies Merge. In this exhibition, he presented his own stories or realities from the era through visual symbols using installations, photos, videos or text. The presented objects functioned as references to one another, and such relations were expanded to the entire exhibition space. Together, his artworks constructed a space that encompasses and interprets an individual’s personal story or images of the Korean society. Yangachi dismantles any standardized forms of senses or perceptions, and he urges the audience to become independent individuals who understand their surroundings in their own unique views.